Mark was raised in Weld County Colorado fishing and hunting every weekend with his parents. As Mark got older, his Dad would travel to Canada with him and spend weeks living off the land, haunting and fishing. His Dad taught him how to work with his hands and hunt & gather goods nature had to offer. In 2005, his Dad purchased the Wilderness Wings Camp at Haultain Lake in Saskatchewan Canada. He instituted a catch a release program with large fish which allows all anglers to opportunity to catch trophy fish as well as ensure a healthy population. Mark and his Dad worked this camp together until his Dad passed away in 2015. Mark took over the camp at Haultain Lake and purchased Churchill Pines Black Bear Camp. Mark spends his spring, summer & fall months guiding fish trips and black bear hunts. His passion is hunting and fishing and he couldn't be happier that he gets to share this with enthusiasts like you. His remote locations, allow guest to enjoy some of the best Lake Trout and Pike fishing in the north. Being the only lodge on a lake with only one group in camp at a time allows anglers a chance at monster fish with very low pressure.


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